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Your Oasis on the Palm

The richest, brightest lives aren’t straight lines.

They don’t follow a rigid course from start to finish. They curve, they take unexpected directions, they flow in a pattern that becomes uniquely yours.

A Jewel in an Unparalleled Setting

As the first building at the threshold of the world renowned Palm Jumeirah, AVA at Palm Jumeirah occupies an incomparable position right at the very centre of Dubai. It is ideally placed to afford privileged access to both the calm of the waterfront and the dynamism of this global city.


The Height
of Serenity

Tranquility pervades all aspects of AVA at Palm Jumeirah. From strolling in the grounds along the waterfront to entering the cool of the atrium; from stepping from the lift into your light-filled residence to standing on your private terrace enthralled by a vista of city and sea, AVA at Palm Jumeirah has been conceived to ensure that each element of your experience is imbued with calm.

A unique collection
of 17 private havens
designed for those
with a visionary
perspective who
enjoy seamless living
without boundaries

Seamless Living

Inhabiting the meeting point between sky and sea, the distinctive, fluid form ascends as if from
the ocean.

Every aspect of the building from the bewitching entrance defined by walls of falling water to the subtle, attentive service and the elegant interiors ensures AVA at Palm Jumeirah is the peak of peace and privacy.

Beautifully appointed, each residence is impeccably designed to give a relaxed, yet luxurious indoor and outdoor lifestyle.

A Visionary Perspective

AVA at Palm Jumeirah’s gracious curves set it apart from other architecture in Dubai. Contrasting and complementing the adjacent One at Palm Jumeirah, which was also commissioned by Omniyat.

The organic form of AVA at Palm Jumeirah’s design belies the state-of-the-art processes employed to create its singular profile. A visionary team combined their instinct for the form and function of the building with most sophisticated computer modelling to ensure every angle, every sight line, every aspect of AVA at Palm Jumeirah is at the peak of perfection.

Inspired Architecture

A visionary team were curated by Omniyat from all over the world to make AVA at Palm Jumeirah, a true masterpiece. After the successful completion of One at Palm Jumeirah adjacent to AVA at Palm Jumeirah, Omniyat is once again using extensive expertise has the expertise to bring this unique form to life.